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    Anyone know the Expression needed to make one side of cube go in the opposite direction to it's parented opposite side?!?



      I am pretty new to AE.


      I though I would be smart making a spinning cube with the opposite sides flying out then rejoining the cube (one side mirroring the movement of the opposite side).


      I smuggly made my cube parented to a null object to make it spin. All good so far. Then I pick whipped one cube side's 'Position' to it's opposite side's 'Position', naively thinking that would somehow magically know I wanted the opposite side to reflect the actions of it's parent. It obviously didn't. It exactly matched the cube side making my cube look like a side was missing (because two sides were now on the exact same coordinates).


      I have been trawling sites to find what expression I need to make the side reflect the parented solid's actions.
      I am out of my depth.





      Thanks in advance.