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    Rendering 3D AE Projects in AME


      I am currently figuring stuff out on After Effects, such as 3D motion tracking.

      Now i want to render out the video but as soon as i go to the AME (Adobe Media Encoder) the 3D tekst turns back in to 2D tekst.

      So now i have to render it out in after effects itself but that is literally taking me a full day now (30 second video).

      I have seen this problem on multiple forums now and none of them have been solved. hope to get a response soon !



      Richard van Hengel

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          imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

          Yep, that is a known bug but it should be fixed (in most cases) in the newest release of AE so tell us what version of AE you're on?

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            We need details of your workflow. I'm assuming that you are talking about Camera Tracking because AE has no such thing as 3D motion tracking. I'm assuming you added a camera and a Text layer to a scene. There should be nothing wrong with this workflow if you are previewing your project by selecting the Active Camera view in the Composition Panel and you are using the AME to render using a standard preset that matches your comp's frame size and frame rate.


            If you are using Ray-traced rendering you may have other issues. There is a bug when using extruded text and Ray-traced rendering in the latest build of CC 2015. The workaround for Ray-traced rendering projects is to use the Render Cue and set the output module to the default Lossless format, then add the rendered file to the AME for rendering to a suitable delivery format like h.254 using one of the standard presets that match your comp's size and frame rate.