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    Dump Cache Command?  IE Blows up

      Hey All,

      I'm trying to find an actionscript command or some sort of work around that will dump or reset my flash movie.

      I have an Internet Radio station, and i play my stream thru that. ( http://www.krushradio.com/ms/yahoo2.asp) and as it plays, it caches the contents of the stream in IE. So, after about 30 mins of listening, it will crash IE... memory usage in the task manager gets up to about 260mb then BOOM.

      When i Refresh the page, the memory goes away and it resets.. The only problem with that is then the listening is inturrupted.

      Is there a way that you know of to dump that cache at say 5 or 10 min intervals? Maybe there is a no cache command for streaming content?

      I'm not using the Macromedia Server for live content. This is pulling straight from my station.

      Thanks for any help you can give me.