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    Creative Cloud upload failed

    sacrtc Level 1

      I have created a video in Premiere Clip. I try and save to the cloud but I get the following error. Creative Cloud upload failed. Error in saving video! Please try again after some time. I have tried several times but get the same error each time. I have tried to edit in premiere pro but it tells me that the file is still syncing to the cloud. There is no indication that the file is syncing. No little wheel or dial or anything to tell me if it is trying to sync or not. I tried to upload to YouTube but that did not work either. I was able to save it to my phone's gallery and it plays fine from there. The video is about 1:09 in length. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Android 5.1.1  API Level 22. I also have Lightroom and Capture on my phone and both of those work great.


      Thanks in advance for the help.