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    Two Monitors??


      I'm thinking of adding another monitor to my computer, specifically to help in video editing with Elements14.  I'm new to Elements14.  Is there anything in the software that would keep me from using a second monitor?  I'd like to have my editing tools on one, with the work in progress on the other?  Nothing to fear from Elements 14, I hope?


      Thank you!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You can certainly edit on two monitors with Premiere Elements. In fact, under the View menu you'll find an option for dual-monitor set-up.


          However, this set-up merely makes the Timeline panel a separate, floating panel. The rest of the interface remains in one block. So you can have your timeline in one panel as well as a couple of the floating panels, like the Audio Mixer and Clip Monitor. But the bulk of the program's interface can't be broken into separate panels.

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            Videodoc Level 1

            Is that a suggestion that a second monitor won't do all that much good?  I

            don't want to invest if it won't.


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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              It's always nice to have more desktop space. I feel claustrophobic with just one monitor!


              Besides, I write books for programs like Premiere Elements, so I appreciate having my book text in one monitor and the program in the other.


              It's nice that Premiere Elements can have its timeline separated from the rest of the interface. You'll especially appreciate it if you tend to use a lot of video tracks.


              But only you can determine if a second monitor will make you more productive. In my opinion, $150 is a small investment for the extra room to spread out your work.

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                Videodoc Level 1

                Thanks, Steve!


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