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    Is there a guide to built-in AI error codes? (e.g., GSM! or TNAC)

    Rick E Johnson Level 1

      Is there a list somewhere of built-in Illustrator error codes?


      I believe it might be helpful in debugging in some cases. For example, in studying the CS6 (Mac) MultiArrowTool sample, it runs fine and the tools work as they should, but the cursor doesn't change. According to the Programmer's Guide and comments in the header, everything is implemented properly, as I'd expect in a sample project from Adobe. Yet for some reason, the MultiArrowToolPlugin::TrackToolCursor function is sent a message while the error code is GSM!, and the call to sAIUser->SetCursor returns an error of TNAC, which is ultimately ignored and the tool continues to work without the specified cursor. Maybe the error codes are meaningful, or maybe it's just because Illustrator is tracking the cursor while I'm stepping through the debugger.