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    Bounding box doesnt seem to work on smaller sizes

      I'm performing a collision detection under ray, but when I set the bounding box size to under 10 so that it's in proportion to the size of my car, it doesn't register anything.

      I've tried increasing the size of my project further externally in 3DS max, but this has slowed down the speed of the car considerably. When I increase the speed of the car to combat this it then starts going through walls again.

      I have tried increasin the period parameter for detecting collisions from 10 to 1, but this crashes my system.

      Also. is it unusual for director to crash as often as it does on me. The code I'm using shouldn't be too unsafe and the objects I'm importing from max files, even though they're fairly badly made I wouldn't call them particularly complex yet. But it feels like Director has given up on giving me warnings when something is about to go wrong and just crashes the program instead. It's fairly infuriating but I don't know for sure if it's the program at fault or me continually making the same big mistake over and over again.
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          Hi Scifo,

          I saw your post but was waiting to see if anyone else had come across such an
          issue. I haven't had modelUnderRay not register so your issue does sound strange.
          The idea of this technique is that you're sending out a line and all models that
          cross that line will be put into a list. You detect collision by looking at the
          distance from the ray origin to the model. So, when you say, nothing registers when
          your bounding box 'size is under 10', are you not getting anything appearing on the
          collision list?

          Director shouldn't be crashing on you on a regular basis, so not sure what's
          happening thare. If you would like to contact me offlist, and send me your files,
          I'll have a look at them and see if I can find what's going wrong. My email is


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