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    where is copy and paste?

    Nicolosi Level 1

      Where is the "Copy and Paste" function? Ever since the latest upgrade,I cannot figure out how to COPY a piece of text.

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          meenakshin83966505 Adobe Employee

          Hi Carl A Nichols,


          Please let us know the version of Windows mobile you are using.

          Are you able to select the text on your mobile?

          If yes, then a circular Copy icon will appear just above the selected text.

          Make sure the document is not secured.





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            Nicolosi Level 1

            I have Windows Phone 8.1.

            The latest ADOBE Reader update occurred on February 2, 2016, bringing me to "v".

            I have used the Reader app from ADOBE since it became available to the Windows Phone Platform, and I have always been able to 'Select' text, then copy it to use (Paste) elsewhere. 

            Since this latest UPDATE, I can still select text, but now I can only "Highlight", "Strikethrough", or "Underline" the selection in an UNPROTECTED document.  In a PROTECTED document, I can only SELECT text.  No options to perform ANY tasks are available!

            I have a document (of my own creation) that contains numerous passwords. -- some of them very long and cryptic.  This document is password PROTECTED for security.  I normally use the "Copy / Paste" function to use these passwords, thus avoiding errors in typing, and to avoid the possibility of a spyware app from tracking keystrokes.

            Please help!  I rely on the ADOBE Reader app heavily. 

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              abhissha Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Carl,


              I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. But currently we do not have option of copy/paste in Windows phone 8.1 due to technical limitation in the OS.




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                Nicolosi Level 1

                Thank you for the response.  I hope ADOBE is planning to provide another update the restores the COPY / PASTE functionality.