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    how to choose the downloading option from archive.org?

    27sirena del mar

      I'm creating the video track for a song I composed.  I'm using bits and pieces of old movies from archive.org/prelinger films.  usually I download as mpg2, which has worked for me.  the next download does not have the mpg2 format, but gives H264, ogg video and png as the downloading options.  does anybody knows which should I choose?  I have premiere elements 10 in a Dell 32 bit laptop.



      sirena del mar

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The H.264 option will give you an MP4, which you could edit pretty easily in Premiere Elements 11 or later. It might work in version 10, but it's less likely. And, if the movie is more than a couple of minutes long, it could challenge your 32-bit laptop.


          Once you download the video, open the MP4 in the program like Media Info (a free download) and post a screen capture of the spec report Media Info gives you. Then we'll have a better idea of the nature of the file.


          But if you plan to edit video from sources other than a miniDV, HDV or AVCHD camcorder, I'd highly recommend an update to version 11 or later. Newer versions of the program are much more versatile at handling non-camcorder formats.