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    Export files


      I have cropped my images and have exported them with File Settings set at Image Format Original.

      I do not want to convert them at this time but once they are exported the original image appears not the cropped image

      I do I export cr2 files with edits

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          Question is: the original image appears where?

          cr2 is a RAW format (Canon's proprietary) and therefore it does not contain any changes you made e.g. in Photoshop's Camera Raw or Lightroom. The file settings (viz. any slider you touched) for any RAW file are stored in the xmp file going along with it having the same filename. To export a cr2 (or any RAW file like nef for Nikon or Adobe's dng) with settings (edited) you'll always have to convert it to jpg, tif, png etc. If you export a "naked" cr2 you loose all your edits.


          Sorry, maybe I got your question wrong but I hope this helps.


          Regards, Michael.