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    How do i stop the frame from deleting an object?


      I need help fast, I need to make a 40 second drawn animation for school but when i draw something, the next frame doesn't have it. I tried right clicking a frame and pressing insert so it carries the image through but its not working.

      How can i carry a drawn image through to a next frame without redrawing it over and over?

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you're doing a normal cell animation, there is an onion skin feature, where you can make the previous frame show up as a guide.


          In may be that you're doing an insert blank keyframe instead of an insert keyframe.

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            _Waylander_ Level 2

            Insure there are no blank or empty keyframes after the drawing you have created, (if you see lots of frames with a hollow black circle they are blank or empty frames, select them all and right click and choose clear keyframes.)


            Select a series of frames on the timeline, starting from the frame that contains the image you have drawn, the press F6 (Create Keyframe) not sure what this is on MAC, or right click and choose "Insert frames". You  now have the same image repeated on the frames you selected.


            Alternately you can select the frame your drawing is on and select "Alt" (Command on the Mac)  on the Keyboard, and drag the image frame to another location on the Timeline, and you will have created a new instance of the frame do this as many times as you need.