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    After Effects Error: Photoshop file format error (-1). ( 45 :: 35 )


      After Effects was working PERFECTLY for me early today. Now it just doesnt want to cooperate.
      I only use AE to color correct and render/export short clips to use in Premiere or Final Cut...
      Im working with DNG sequences that have been converted from MLV files, (I use the Magic Lantern raw video hack on a 5dm3).

      Out of nowhere, every time I try to import any DNG sequences, CR2 sequences, single CR2 or DNG files, I get this error....

      After Effects Error: Photoshop file format error (-1). ( 45 :: 35 )

      Any set of DNG's I open gives me the error. Ive tried re-converting several MLV files (maybe there were corrupt frames?) and importing them again, but no luck.

      Ive tried uninstalling AE and re installing with no luck.
      I tried updating Camera Raw to the newest version with no luck too. (Adobe - Adobe Camera Raw and DNG Converter : For Macintosh)

      Does anyone know why AE would just stop working with my DNG sequences all of the sudden?
      This makes absolutely no sense to me.


      (Running on a Late 2013 macbook pro)