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    Sessions in http:// and https://

      I have a question, i search here in this Forum but i dont find a resolution. The thing is,
      when we start a session on our http pages (the login form is on the http site) and
      when the login is successfully the client jump to the https site. Thats normaly i think so
      and is still working fine.

      Now the problem, for dont lost the session we need place in each hyperlink the cfid and cftoken.
      This is also working fine. When the Client jump out the Member Area to a other Area in the same
      https site (the same https site) he cant go back to the Administration Area without a new login.

      I dont understand it, the hyperlinks have allways cfid and cftoken and the session broks when i go out
      the member area to a normal area in the same https site.

      What's wrong with it. I think so our provider have cf mx 6.1 and iis on an nt server...i dont have more ,
      informations. The certificate is a shared certtificate with our webhoster.

      Normaly the page need work with cfid and cftoken and the client can normaly jump to all pages wherever
      he want...but in this case the client need a second login and thats not a normal way.

      Anybody have a solution???