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    Publishing .oam

    marco84115 Level 1


      I made a little animation to insert in Dreamweaver.

      Following the instructions to publish a .oam file, after inserting it in DW, I got this:

      Untitled Document

      That means just a with rectangle and a shadow.

      My animation was created as HTML5 canvas in Animate.

      Inserting the .oam in DW gave me this code:

           <div class="col-lg-4">

               <object id="EdgeID" type="text/html" width="570" height="420" data-dw-widget="Edge" data="animation_assets/anim2/Assets/anim1.html">



      And when I open the file anim1.html, I got the same white rectangles.

      In the link are the parameters to publish the animation as a .oam used.

      Is there something wrong with it?