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    Safari Cookies/Cache won't delete after Lightroom 6.5 Permission Settings


      Running a Late-2014 5k iMac with El Capitan 10.11.3 and Safari 9.0.3. Opened Lightroom 6.5 today and got a pop up about Lightroom having permission issues and followed the guidelines to enable read & write access to "everyone" on 3 specific Library folders.


      But what I have noticed since doing so is that when I am in Safari, if I want to clear my cookies, there are these same 8 items which won't remove. They reappear as soon as i remove/delete/clear them. And even with the Develop tab in Safari toolbar to clear cache, they remain.


      I have to guess this is in relation to the folder permissions that I had to do to fix the issue with Adobe Lightroom not opening. But is this the small price I have to pay for doing so, or is there a way to remove/delete these items?


      - adobe.com (cache)

      - adobedtm.com (cache)

      - abodelogin.com (cache)

      - apple.com (cache)

      - demdex.net (cache)

      - ipercpetions.com (cache)

      - omtdrc.net (cache)

      - typekit.net (cache)


      Thanks everyone.