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    Preload 20 External jpegs THEN play auto slide show

    StevenRAN Level 1
      The title says it all..."Preload 20 External jpegs THEN play auto slide show"

      I want to be able to create a slide show that has 20 images in it, have the images fade into each other. I want all the images to preload on the Main TIMELINE. Then once my custom preloader bar hits 100% the slide show starts. The way it works now, the main time line loads very fast, the slide show starts, but the images are not loaded yet., so there are blanks.

      I know I know I know, I have been to many help pages, but all their samples do not address this. They talk about preloading ONE external swf file or ONE exteranl jpeg. I can not fine a sample that I can use and edit that fits what I need. I realize a lot of the problems is that my flash ability is not the best....

      Please help if you can....

      - Steven
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          in your preloader movie clip, you may have to put a preloader prior to each image within the designated key frame itself. THus, seeing that you have 20 images within your preloader, which should each have their own layer, a preloader should be placed prior to each image (thus you would have 20 preloaders, plus the one MAIN preloader)... try it...it may work I am not too sure...

          Or another possibility is that on your main time line, move the preloader layer to either the top or the bottom, with nothing underneath or above it...When exporting your file, you have the option to either load top down, or bottom up. Depending on where your preloader is located, if on the top, then tell it to load top down, thus the preloader itself is told to load prior to anything else, as opposed to being in the middle sandwiched between many other items...

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            shyaway Level 1
            try MovieClipLoader, you really don't want to create 20 preloaders
            the MovieClipLoader will automatically handle that for you.

            for(var i=0;i<20;i++){
            mcLoader.loadClip(image ,_root["container"+i]);

            assuming you have the listener created, the mc's (container0...container19) created, and an image array of names

            use the onLoadInit instead of onLoadComplete for listener (unless you want to find out the hard way why the onLoadComplete is not prefered)

            something like,
            myListener.onLoadInit = function(){

            assuming you're in frame 4
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              StevenRAN Level 1
              I am going to try both suggestions.... i really want this to work.