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    Is offline editing not working properly with Samsung Note 10.1 2014?


      Hello everybody,


      One of the main reasons to switch to CC was the capability to sync collections over to my smartphone and tablet for offline editing (well - at least image rating while on the train etc.).


      As far as I can tell now, it works as expected with my phone, which is a Samsung S5. I can put the collections together in Lightroom on my laptop and sync them over. Following that, I enable offline editing and Lightroom mobile downloads everything for later offline use. I tested this both at home and also completely offline (no Wifi etc. on, syncing over non-Wifi disabled in Lightroom mobile). So far so good - it all works.


      Now I would like to use my tablet for the same purpose - bigger screen. I followed the same procedure as described above for the smartphone and after enabling the collections for offline editing on the tablet (a Samsung Note 10.1 2014 Edition), the data "seems" to get downloaded. After the status shows "All up to date" and the little icon for offline editing enabled shows up with the collections, I expect to be able to work with the collection in Lightroom mobile without having to be connected to the internet.


      Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Lightroom always tries to connect to the cloud service to load the development version of the image or gets stuck even after opening the collection in grid view on the device - leading to a "No connection" error. Well, of course, there is no connection because  I actually want to be able to work offline.


      Has anybody experienced similar issues at all or with the same device? Is this a known bug or issue with the Samsung Note tablet? I couldn't find anything ... optimally, I am looking for a solution of course.