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    How do I get my Shockwave movie onto my website?

      I've created a simple Director program and published a shockwave file from it (htm and dcr). Now how do I get it onto my website? If I create a button link on a website page which opens the first Shockwave movie, will it navigate to the next movie automatically if I used the GotoNetMovie command in the final frame script?
      Where do the htm and dcr files typically live on the web server?
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          Your movies should link to each other OK if you used gotoNetMovie. Best way to be
          sure is to test it. If anything goes wrong, you'll need to check if there were
          any scripting errors such as typos or incorrect path referencing.

          A web server is similar to your home computer. Files live in folders and
          subfolders and these will create the URL structure. For eaxmple, a subfolder
          called 'dean' may create the URL:
          The HTM and DCR could be in the same folder or you may have subfolders for page
          content, which may include images. The HTM file points to external files like
          DCRs, images, video, and if these files are in a subfolder, the HTM code needs to
          specify this path reference.

          The above was a very brief intro to some of the aspects of a web server. If
          there's anything specific you'd like to know, just ask away


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