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    Flag as Pick and Flag as Rejected sometimes just don't work

    nickynqns Level 1

      Another day another Lightroom not working and confusing me for a resolution.


      Since my last post, I upgraded the Lightroom cache size to 50GB - so there's plenty of room for the cache to play with.


      But now, sometimes, every once in a while, Lightroom just quits doing anything. I mean, it might work, then not, then work again. It's really disruptive to workflow, and means having to kill and restart the program every 3-5 minutes to have a verified 'working' application.


      Only with Lightroom; all other programs operate fine.


      Video: here I am setting image/s to Flag as Pick and Flag as Rejected and the flag never appears and the rejected images never grey out:

      VID_20160321_112057.mp4 - Google Drive

      You can see 'Set as Rejected' overlay appear, but then.....nothing.


      Is there yet another setting I can change to ensure keyboard controls actually do their job and the program doesn't hiccup and quit working as expected?


      Thank you for your advice.