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    Movie refuses to load variables from text file


      I'm sure you can solve my newbie problem in less than 1 minute...
      I'm pulling my hair out on a template I bought 2 days ago from templatemonster.com

      I am using Flash 8 Pro.
      All I want to do is change an existing textfield that is Static to Dynamic and load variables from a text file.

      The Action Script I use to do so comes directly from Macromedia documentation (see attached)
      It works fine when I create a brand new movie, but doesn't do anything when inserted into the template.
      It doesn't even complain about not finding the text file if I rename or delete it!

      Here are the FLA and text file:
      Edit : Link to source file removed

      The textfield I would like to change is in the txt2 symbol.
      Here is how I proceed:

      When I open HEADER.FLA, Flash tells me I'm missing a font, ok, so I click on Use Default, I'll deal with this later.
      I open up the Movie Explorer, go to Layer 30, go to Frame 75 and click once on txt2
      I name the instance "myMovie_mc" and save (converts from Flash MX to Flash 8)
      I double-click on the Movie Clip, select the word "Automobile" on the Stage, change from Static to Dynamic and call that instance "myText_txt"
      Still in the Movie Clip, I create a new layer I call "actions", and in Frame 1 I copy the attached Action Script:

      This script works when I create a new flash file, but it does absolutely nothing in this template.

      I know I'm doing something wrong, but I wonder what?

      Many thanks to any helping soul!