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    One Shot to record movie

      After recording once or twice, I can no longer record anything until completely shut down my machine and reboot. As soon as I hit "Record", Captivate comes back up not having done a thing.

      I've been using Captivate for probably about 6 months and this has been an issue since the beginning. This tool is handy, but buggy buggy buggy. When are we getting a patch?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi ap0110

          I'm leaning toward the thought that maybe you are seeing an issue with your temp folder becoming full. I'd try clearing your PC of all temp files and seeing if the situation iimproves.

          Hope this helps a bit... Rick
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            ap0110 Level 1
            Er nope, that's not it. However, I DID notice that icons were getting stacked up in my system tray every time I loaded Captivate. Funny thing is I hovered the mouse over them all and they disappeared in one swipe. Captivate loaded correctly after that.

            So I'd say the problem is with Captivate. Just not exactly sure what it is.