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    Data merge with English (+ other LTR languages) and Arabic


      I am working on a project where data merge from .csv file (UTF-8) is used containing multiple languages. Languages are English and other left-to-right languages mixed with right-to-left languages like Arabic. As the data consists of translations a lot of languages are present in a single field. In Indesign Arabic is fine as long as there are no parentheses present. If the Arabic phrase starts with a opening ( Indesign puts it to the end of the phrase and substitutes it with a closing ) so ending up with 2 ) ) in the text. Putting the ( to the end of the phrase is caused by Indesign thinking the ( is left-to-right but should be right-to-left. If right-to-left text starts with ( this makes no sense. So Indesign substitutes this with ). How can I tell Indesign to treat a ( as the final character of the Arabic text and not the first character? Can I use some kind of Unicode control character for this? Any suggestions are welcome.

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