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    How to link seperate Adobe Edge Projects


      Ok, I'm pretty new to Edge. For college we were asked to make an interactive book.


      So I've made 3 separate edge files in separate folders. One for the front cover of the book, Two for the second page and Three for the third page. I've put a lot of work into each page and they are working well, only that I can't link between them.


      My plan was to have buttons on each page that you use a click event to navigate to the next page but something tells me that I'm approaching this the wrong way as I can't find anything online about it. I presumed before I started it would be as easy as linking pages in a website but it's not working for me. For instance on the cover of the book there is a button saying start, I made a click event for that and tried to link it to the second page of the book but no joy.