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    Unable to install Flash Player


      We utilize SCCM for software deployment here.  Over the weekend, we pushed out the new Flash Player MSI to about 1400 machines.  About 900 of those machines installed without a hitch.  There are an addition 500 or so that did not.  The error we're getting is:




      "Flash Player 18 ActiveX - Error: The version of the Player you are trying to install is lower than what is currently installed."


      The majority of our machines have installed.  We have some with a few other non-v21 versions, including, that have the same issue.  I'm not sure what the difference is between the machines that worked and the machines that didn't.  From an OS perspective, all of the machines are Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 with IE11 and are fully patched.


      On one of the machines, I manually logged in and ran the MSI and was presented with the same message that was showing in the event logs from the SCCM deployment.  I uninstalled the old Flash and installed the new and it worked fine.  Does anyone have any thoughts as to why these machines would report that v21 was an older version than the v18/v21 versions that are installed?


      Any assistance is appreciated.



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          Carm01 Level 4

          How do you update your machines and images? Do you simply update the image then re-upload it or do you build it from scratch every so often?


          I am betting on old registry settings that have been lingering around for awhile on the said machines causing issues.


          I would suggest running the official adobe flash uninstaller. Those MAY resolve the issue, I have never dealt with a cases like that in my decade of IT support; of course we use Altiris and could be handled differently. I am not familiar with SCCM.


          I did make something do nuke all flash related entries on windows 7 boxes when someone else had this issue, but never heard if it worked; never responded to any posts after i posted it. I am unable to test if it works or not until I have a machine that has this issue. I do know it removes the entries though.


          You could always try CCleaner's reg cleaner to see if that takes care of it as well. Those are my only thoughts on the matter.

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            ridhijain Adobe Employee



            Can you open regedit and traverse to the following path on any one of the machines where you observed the error:


            Please share the SafeVersions value present on the machine.

            How did you uninstall the Flash Player from the control panel or using the uninstaller?