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    Hard disc fried, lost all adobe programs, CS5. installed new hard drive, tried to up load CS5, it's an upgraded version from pagemaker 6.5 and pagemaker 7.0. Would not recognize prior products, so would not accept discs even tho it read serial number corr


      Help needed.

      Started with pagemaker 6.5 years ago, upgraded to 7.0. using on windows xp. upgraded to new computer, windows 7, purchased CS5 Indesign upgraded version from pagemaker. On my adobe management account they do not have my earlier versions of pagemaker listed nor will it accept my serial numbers on these products, which is ridiculous since I purchase them thru ADOBE. , so when I go to install my disc of upgraded CS5, they recognize my serial number as valid, however it does not recognize WHAT IT"S UPGRADED FROM. Any body out there who has this scenario? Help, please.  Called Adobe's customer service department, they referred me to a chat session, who threw me down to the forums, so here I am. Anybody listening, any help out there?  Please?

      Can't use these products under this current scenario and it's affecting my ability to do business.