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    Audio Filter & Panoramic (2:1)? in Lightroom 6


      Good day Lightroom Users, this is Ezra. I have two burning questions for Lightroom 6.


      1) If I use the Canon 1DX to record the 30 sec audio clip for a picture, is there a way to filter and locate that audio recording among multiple pictures?


      2) I have an upcoming assignment with a real estate architect this Saturday and he is requesting the following:


      'Complete stitched 360 Degree spherical panoramic images (2:1) depicting outward views from 14 office floors with minimum resolution 4096 x 2048


      I know how to do panoramic stitching in Lightroom 6, I know I can achieve the minimum resolution with my camera, but what does the architect mean by (2:1). I know I can zoom into the picture in Lightroom 1:1 or 1:3 or 2:1, but would you happen to know what he may be asking for a final stitch at 2:1?


      Thank you!