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    repeat grid

    maximilionen Level 1

      i try to import multiple image into a repeated grid, but I see the same image in all the placeholder, and also if I select one image only and I drag in another image the image is repeated everywhere…

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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          Hi Massimo,


          I'm not sure what the problem is exactly... maybe you're not creating the repeat grid correctly?


          Try doing the following:

          1. Create a new file with an artboard
          2. Click the rectangle tool in the upper left and draw a smallish rectangle in your artboard
          3. Look on the right side and click the repeat grid button.
          4. You now should have "handles" on the right and bottom side of your rectangle shape and it should be outlined in green
          5. Grab the bottom handle and drag down. You should see more copies of your rectangle appear
          6. Go to Finder and select a number of images and drop them into your repeat grid.


          When I do that I see all the images appear. Does that work for you?