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    How do I configure my Adobe Acrobat Pro DC documents to accept actual signatures from a Wacom CTH-480?

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      • We are an agricultural company that is finally going paperless.  We have a requirement from HR, to get all of our I-9s, W-4s, employment applications, health insurance forms and banking forms digitized.
      • I have created all the digitize forms in Adobe Acrobat DC (version 12), with all the check boxes, radio buttons and signature/date blocks required.
      • HR will be using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, with a connected Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch, small (CTH-480) to sign documents.


      • Currently, when I click in the signature block, Adobe brings up the Sign Document dialogue box and in the Sign As: dropdown box, allows me to select New ID...
      • If I select the option for A new digital ID I want to create now, I can go through the whole setup and create a new "digital signature."
      • This isn't what we want.
      • I want to be able to click the option for a new digital ID and be able to actually sign the document electronically, from the Wacom signature pad.


      What do I need (Software- or Hardware-related) to accomplish what I want to do?  I am on a limited budget and don't have lots and lots of money to throw at the solution.