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    Does Photo Merge only work with Color images?


      Does Photo Merge only work with Color images?  I have B&W Tiff files (about 300 megs each) that I need to merge 2-3 of them to create a single image.  I was working with a "Live Screen" tech and we got close but their shift ended and they had decided to delete the program and reinstall and the new tech had no clue what the prior was doing.  Now I am back to not even being able to see a preview.  System is W8pro w/ i7 6th generation processor, 16G ramm and 4G video card.


      I notice when I am merging two (or even 10 or more) images that are B&W in Photoshop it converts them to RGB then I have to convert it back to Gray.  That is why I am asking.  I cannot even see in LR where you can convert a B&W to RGB....  Seems that would be a simple thing to do.


      Now I am unable to reach the same people (person) I was sent to in order to solve the issue last week.  I am finding that I far prefer Photoshop 5.5x64 but they will not sell it.....