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    I am expecting a response from your your service representative for 3 months.  In the mean time you have faulty billed in ERROR for 3 months! I cannot find anyone to respond to my issues nor a valid email address to inquire. I will be cancelling my subscr




      As I have discussed in detail 3 months ago with an adobe service representative, I have a license on ADOBE photoshop which needs to be removed.


      Your service representative contacted me, made me spend a great deal of time explaining the situation and then affirmed for me that he would resolve my problem which consists of the fact that I have two licenses for adobe photoshop but only need one.


      Since our discussion last December, I have been billed 3 TIMES in error and have raised the issue but have been getting no response.


      Your website is extremely difficult to highlight this problem, offers no means to raise the issue (other than this public forum)  and is causing me stress trying to determine the correct corse of action for what ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT be a difficult process.


      Please resolve the issue now, and re-imburse me for the past two months.  Please do this or I will be cancelling my other annual subscription as well.


      THIS IS NOT FAIR & UNACCEPTABLE and is causing me and my business stress and wasted time!


      Andrew Lenti.



      You can contact me on andrewlenti@toppti.com


      PLEASE HELP!!!