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    Why same jquery and edge.js files is shown loading TWICE in assets pipeline ?


      Hi ALL,

      While using the inspection tools to observe the assets loading time, I observed that the same jquery-1.11.3.min.js and le_salon_edge.js is loaded twice. Previoulsy created Web pages were working normal when I created with Edge animate. I have attached the screenshot of the Network elements. Have a look to see what I mean.Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 22.50.48.png

      Where as In this page, I touch le_salon_edge.js manually to change the preload audio to none by:

                                   id: 'le_verre',

                                  display: 'none',

                                  type: 'audio',

                                  tag: 'audio',

                                  rect: ['0', '0', '320px', '45px', 'auto', 'auto'],

                                  source: [aud+"le_verre.mp3"],

                                 preload: 'none'


      This seems quite strange to me since It didn't occurred previously. What could be the reasons for Edge to load the .js  files twice????