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    Projector Problems with Mac OS 10.4...

    Hebnar Level 1
      I am using the Director MX 2004 10.1.
      When I am creating a Projektor to be used in a Macintosh Kiosksystem it works until Mac OS 10.3.9 perfekt. On Mac OS 10.4.. I have the following Problem: The Computer restarts in the morning, but the titel bar and the "Dock" do not disapear and the Projektor does not run (it waits on the first frame until somebody clicks in the Screencenter). This is fatal, because any user comes to the backgroundfiles and can destroy things! I tried out different projektorsettings with no results.
      Can anyone help?
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          I'm going to take a guess at this one.

          Before you do ANYTHING, make sure you know the password for the main user on your Mac. This is the password you have to enter everytime you run an update or try to change a read-only file. If you don't have this password you could get stuck.

          Now, the very first thing you should do is set up a new user on the Mac (under "accounts" in system preferences). Name it "KIOSK" or something similar. Do not give Kiosk admin priveliges. Click on "Limitations" and restrict Kiosk to a simple finder, and choose which applications and folders they can use. That way even if a user shuts off the projector, they can't do anything you don't want them to do. Whenever you need to set up a kiosk booth, make sure it logs in automatically to the user "Kiosk". To do this, click on "Login Options" and choose "Automatically Log In as" (Kiosk). Enable "fast user switching" so that you can switch over to the admin user if you need to.
          All of this is under "accounts" in System Preferences.

          Now, onto your real problem. I think what you're saying is that you have the projector among the startup items, so that it launches automatically when the Mac turns on. But the Projector is not active until you click on it. Is that right?

          I don't know if this is correct, but it sounds to me like the Mac is opening another application after it opens your projector, so the projector is not the active application after startup is complete.

          Try this: go into System Preferences on your Mac. Click on "accounts." Then click on "Startup Items"
          If your projector is on the list, then we're on the right track. Now drag the projector to the bottom of the list. This will make it the last item that opens as the Mac starts up, and therefore it will be the active application.

          If this doesn't work, then it could be something in the way OS 10.4 opens startup files. It might run an invisible or system application (like Finder) after it opens the startup items. If that's the case, I can't help you, but probably the best thing to do is go to the OSX 10.4 Tiger Forums and ask how to make a startup item be the active application when startup is finshed. Explain that 10.4 might be running another application after it starts your projector, but you need the projector to be active.

          I hope I understood your question properly and gave you the right answer. Good luck!

          Update: To fiddle with the startup items for the user named "Kiosk", you will have to give Kiosk FULL PRIVELIGES until you get it set up. Once it is set up, switch over to the main user, and take away Kiosk's priveliges.
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            Hebnar Level 1
            Thank you very much!
            The thing with the "Kiosk" Acount makes it a lot saver!!
            With the "Start Up" items was it like this: there have been no other programms or items in the list. The Projector was the only one. But then I tried out to put a Text file to the list and it worked. In the StartUp Sequence first the Textfile is going to be opened and then the Projector. And it runs. I don´t know why but it works.
            I will continue searching in the OS X Tiger forums to find the perfect solution but the Kiosk is running and everybody is happy. So once again thank you very much!