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    Output to textfile

      Hey all,

      I've got a setup on my website where a user uploads a text file, adds that information to a new table, does some manipulations and then send another text file back to the user.

      This is my problem- it seems like it takes too long to write the text file and I get a 'Page cannot be displayed' error. Right now I just do a cffile to write the text file and go line by line appending it to the text file.

      What I would like to do is try and append all the data from a table to an array and then do one output of the array to the textfile which would save me a lot of time for outputting.

      Does anyone know how to put an array of information into a text file? I know how to get it to work with an excel file but I don't know how to add a line break between each record to the textfile.

      Does anyone have any suggestions or perhaps another way of doing this?

      I appreciate the help.
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          Would it be possible to see your code?

          I suspect one of two things is the case (maybe both).

          1. You are on a shared server that is maxed and that is what is causing the processing time problem.

          2. There is some logic in your parsing and manipulations phase that needs to be optimized.

          If you can let us see your code we probably can help you get the problem resolved.