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    Deciding best application

      Wondered if anyone out there can help me? Here's the situation:
      - Work in a Marketing / sales role supporting business partners and field personnel
      - I have built a couple of tools (in XLS format) for which I want to build some training modules in flash format
      - The training modules that are built will likely need to be localized for other countries.

      - Is captivate the best product for building the training modules (assuming flash as output)?
      - Do i need Flash as well?
      - Assuming the training module is built in flash format, I am assuming that I can provide the project to colleagues in other parts of the world for localization if desired .. would this be a reasonable assumption?

      Any comments / suggestions gladly accepted!

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          You have hit the mark with Captivate.

          As far as I can see Captivate will work very well for you. Firstly you do not need Flash to run captivate. Second, you can pass your project files to other colleagues and assuming they also have captivate they can edit where need be.

          Most importantly It's very easy to make and edit training applications with captivate, meaning you can get you content out quickly and you can be confident that you colleagues will be able to easily edit it.