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    photos not in same place on LR and in computer library, help!!!


      When I save from LR or import to LR the photo is saved outside the main tree for my work which is the place it is indicated to save. It appears in its own new folder with only a date label 2015-9-22. In the Computer Library as PSD untitled-5254-edit. The same thing happens when I import. How can I fix this so I can go back to using my LR? Right now I can't use because when I work on or import new photos they get caught in this mess. Please help!!






      One person on another forum suggested that I use show parent file.  This took me back to the original problem I had and was able to temporarily solve.  However the next time I tried to same from PS or import from card reader the above repeats.  Do I need to remove LR and reload?  Will this help?  I am desperate.  I can not do anything on LR until this is fixed!!!!!!

      Now it has moved to the bottom of this section and changed its name.  Trying to move from any of these positions merely tells me that the photo is already in that folder, which it is in the computer library.


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