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    Tile Game Help

      I currently have a chip's challenge-style tile game in progress, but a teleporter that I am trying to make has stumped me. So I have copies of one mc, with another mc inside. The actionscript is contained on the inner one so that I can easily copy the tile. The outer ones have instance names trans1 and trans2. If the _x and _y variables on my "Player1" tile match up with the "trans1" tile, it will send Player1 to trans2. It does this. But it will not send the player back to trans1.
      I have confirmed that this is because a paradox that is made, which will send the player back and forth infinately, so Flash stops this unsafe function. I have tried to program variables to turn trans2 off when the player comes from trans1, to be turned back on when the player steps off trans2. But to no avail, it gives me the same infinate paradox every time. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.