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    Inline XML parsing


      I'm running CF MX7 and am using XMLparse to parse the following XML code.

      XMLparse works fine and returns the proper structure (or so I thought). The description tag starts out with "Trout (" and then the inline strong tag surrounds 2 sets of text. with " and " in between, followed by a ")" at the end.

      The structure for description clumps all of the text not with the strong tags into one XMLtext field ("Trout ( and )" ) and has two child nodes for each of the strong tags. I can parse everything out but cannot output the text in the proper order. I've parsed this XML with stylusStudio and it properly creates 3 description fields with the proper text within them and 2 strong fields.

      Shouldn't XMLparse also be returning 3 description elements as well?

      Thanks for any information...