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    After Effects Render Stalls with ProRes Codec - Output Module Failed

    bryantjcoffey Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I have an AE file full of work that I've been working for the last month or so and today, shockingly, an export through the Render Queue with Apple ProRes 422 crashed on the first frame. 


      I've troubleshooted by deleting AE CC 2015 Preferences, uninstalling AE CC 2015, Reinstalling through the CC app.  Reducing the project, rendering test files at different codecs and determined that it is indeed the ProRes Codec, as rendering lossless produces and Animation Codec file with no problems. 


      I think I have an idea as to what caused this, I have another gig, that required FCP X for some exports and I installed it, not realizing that it would blow away my FCP 7 Suite.  I had to spend a little bit of time, reinstalling FCP 7 alongside FCP X earlier this week and went through the testing phases.  I confirmed earlier that the ProRes codec exists as I rendered to ProRes in FCP X, but I wonder if this may have corrupted something with the codec for AE. 


      Curious if anyone has any suggestions, I'm on a 2011 17" MacBook Pro 2.5 GHZ i-7, 8GB Ram running all files off of a 12TB Thunderbolt RAID Server.  Prior to the Reinstall, all cache files were directed to the RAID Server for performance, now, after the reinstall Conformed Media Cache (Shared between AME / PPro / AE) remains on the raid, however, Disk Cache reset itself to the default Mac Library location.


      Plugins for the AE file are all standard plugins, I do have Trapcode and a few other standard plugins installed, but am not using them for this particular project.  I'm happy to provide any more information, just ask and I'll get back to you.  Thanks!