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    "Not Responding" bug is back with 6.5


      I run Lightroom on Windows 7, 64 bit, with more than enough RAM and CPU to handle the program.  On version 5 and earlier, Lightroom had a problem where it would slowly slow down as multiple images were edited.  Eventually, doing anything would bring up repeated "Not Responding" messages and extreme sluggishness.  The fix for this:  kill the program and restart.  Images that were taking forever to edit suddenly got snappy again.  But the problem would repeat as multiple images were edited.  Although others complained about responsiveness in the forums, none of the suggestions addressed the issue (I monitored memory usage, and never got close to running out of RAM;  images got sluggish not with the number of edits, but with whether they were the 10th image worked on, or the first; using the graphics processor was turned on and off; etc -- nothing worked)


      When I upgraded to version 6 (or 6.1 or 6.2 -- I didn't take note), this problem went away.  Lightroom zipped along, no matter what I through at it.  Although there was nothing mentioned in the "what's changed" log to suggest a bug had been fixed, something had clearly changed.  The 10th picture edited behaved as the same way as the first.  I never had to kill the program and restart -- a welcome change!


      I just upgraded to 6.5 last week.  The problems are back.  Whatever was added / fixed in 6.5 brought back this old behavior.


      Is anyone else experiencing this?  Can anyone help isolate what changed, either for the good in 6/6.1/6.2 or for the bad in 6.5?  I'm hoping that getting some more specific ideas on this thread may help adobe isolate the issue and fix it for good.