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    Compatibility between Mac/PC and Incopy workflow


      Hi there,


      We have recently converted to using the InCopy/InDesign workflow, ever since then we have had all sorts of issues.


      • InDesign files keep crashing when Checking In/Checking Out
      • InDesign files corrupt
      • Text and illustrations move or disappear (this only seems to happen once an Editor has made changes in InCopy and a Designer opens back up in InDesign)


      These issues only seem to happen in InDesign (Mac based computers). The editors are all running InCopy on PC based computers and they don't have any problems, apart from fonts.


      I have tried contacting a Adobe representative a few times, and no luck as yet to a solution.


      These are the things we have tried:

      • Backsaving InCopy CC 2015 to 2014 to match InDesign
      • Delete preferences in the InDesign program


      We have tried using Mac to Mac workflow, which works, but this is an expensive solution. Any other ideas?