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    Adobe CC - I thougth the import issues were fixed?

    BJBBJB1 Level 1

      I have been away from Photo editing for a few months and late last year I missed the update that created all the uproar about changing the import screen. I had not updated and waited until all that was fixed.  And I felt safe this year updating to the most recent version.


      So today I ran the shiny clean latest LR and tried to copy and import some images from my USB 3 attached card reader.


      It took me back to a very old version of LR.......it read the card at a crawl, and it drew thumbnails very.....very.....slowly.  Now this is a 32GB card with like 16GB of images on there but still.  3 months ago that version would have whizzed through those files and presented the "new" thumbnails. Now lightroom itself is running fine, very zippy. Just the import and card reader.


      Then I thought maybe it was a reader/USB/Windows thing.  I closed lightroom and copied the files via windows explorer.  It copied like 2GB in no time at all.


      So I am glad they kept the interface, but what gives with the import/copying screen and process? Any solutions?