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    What happened to the brush tool? (significant smoothness + speed issues)


      This is a legitimate concern. I use a bamboo fun, have an i53470 processor with 8gig ram and a 660ti graphics card on windows 10.


      First off, I want to preface by saying the brush tool, even with it's zoom feature should not have the 0.5+ second delay it does. It's completely smooth in Cs6, what happened in CC? It severely slows down my work flow.


      Even then, this isn't as glaring an issue as how damn CRUMMY the new brush is. Here's an example just to show the difference, I didn't exaggerate anything, just wrote the term "roflmao" in both Cs6 and CC.


      Flash Cs6 left, and Animate CC right.

      d01f1fad33.png bfe5c93467.png

      What happened? Many other users seem to have this problem so I don't think it's just me. What happened? When will I get the classic brush back? I'm happy if it doesn't have scaling if it means my linework can look half decent again.


      So far I'm not terribly impressed with Animate. This destroys frame by frame animator workflow, who need to draw quickly and smoothly. If I had an intuos would I not get this? It's absurd.