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    Lightroom CC 2015.5 and lens information missing from EXIF


      I am using Lightroom CC and the current 2015.5 release.  For all my photos taken and downloaded up to and including 3/1/2016 my EXIF information displayed lens information in the EXIF, which I could sort for in the Library filters.  Beginning with my photos downloaded 3/19/2016 and after, the lens information is no longer available in my EXIF info, and when I check my library filters there is a listing for "unidentified lens".  Sometime between the two events I downloaded the most recent update to creative cloud, which is the only material change I can think of that has occurred.  SO, need help determining  )(1) why I can no longer see lens info in my RAW files in Lightroom CC and, more i9mportantly () how do I fix this.  Thanks..