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      strangely, a bunch of my image files are showing a date created in the finder of December 31, 1969 at 4:00 PM. i know this recently happened because when i went to back up the drive where these files are located, chronosync wanted to replace all of the RAW files on the backup drive (about 5,000 images) with the "new" RAW files with the bad creation date.


      this happened shortly after i renamed and moved the main folder containing the images within ligthroom. any idea why this would have happened? i'm wondering if it has anything to do with moving large quantities of files to another location on the drive within lightroom? or from the internal drive to an external drive within lightroom and not copying them from the finder? i've always wondered if this is ok since it moves (and hence, removes) the folder and files from the internal instead of copying them like the finder does. also, for some reason it only seems to have affected images on my external drive (i have a lot of images in the internal drive as well) and primarily older images. 


      the "date time original" in lightroom is still accurate so i'm wondering if there is any way that i can overwrite into the RAW file the original date creation so that it shows accurately in the finder. something in "edit capture time" or similar.


      btw, i'm on an apple iMac running yosemite 10.11, the images are on a g-tech thunderbolt drive, i backup using chronosync, and i'm running lightroom 5.7.


      i found this old post from someone using an older similar set-up and having a similar problem, but while it was explained as a "bug" in the software used to copy the files there was no solution for restoring the original creation dates:

      '1969' Date Created issue.


      any help is appreciated!


      thanks in advance,


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          robgendreau Level 3

          Read what John Ellis said in that thread. Seems to apply here.


          You need to understand the different types of dates before you go any further. The file creation date may NOT have anything to do with the "capture time" Lr uses, which itself is usually derived from the exif date created.


          Lr and other photo applications rarely, if ever, mess with the Mac Finder file creation date. It's apples and oranges. But backup software, copying, cloning, disk problems, and other stuff can mess it up.


          The command line program touch is the way to go here and will set the creation date to anything you like.


          If you don't like using Terminal, however, then seek out File Date Changer or maybe the more comprehensive File Multi Tool in the Mac App Store (from the A  Better Rename folks). It can change the file creation dates, and do lots of other nifty stuff. Some other utilities might as well; my copy of MacPilot can change one, but not batches.

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            taipower Level 1

            thank you! the File Multi Tool solved the issue seamlessly, and i'm hoping that i don't encounter that issue again.


            in another forum i saw that someone wrote that when the date changes to 12/31/69 it's usually because "the backup / clock battery in your workstation or laptop is no longer holding a charge." also, "Unplugging an external USB hard drive while your Mac is in sleep mode may reset the Date Modified settings of all the files on the external drive to December 31 1969."


            i don't think i've done either of these, but i'm also realizing that my chronosync doesn't recognize "date created" changes unless it's a brand new sync script (which i created and ran after i renamed my drives), so it could have happened a while back without my knowledge.


            thanks for your help!