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    Selecting and moving multiple movie clips...


      Newbie here.  I sometimes want to be able to multi-select several movie clips and move them to a specific location, but apparently the origin point changes when you select more than one clip.  Is there a trick to get around this?



      1.  I have a movie clip in the upper left corner with coordinates 100,100.

      2.  I have 5 other movie clips at coordinates 300,300.

      3.  I'd like to be able to multi-select the 5 movie clips and type in new coordinates: "100,100" and have them all move there.


      Thanks for any help!

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          As you've noticed, doing that moves the top left one to 100,100, and the others to the same shifted amount, so that the three objects still have the same gap between them. That is quite likely what most people would want.


          For you, there's the Align panel. With that you can have the objects align left, and align top, and they should all gather together at 100,100. Make sure the Align to Stage box is not checked when doing that, otherwise they will all go to 0,0.