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    Lightroom Encountered User Permission Issues


      Ok Adobe ... I love you but seriously you're costing me money big time today.


      I have followed your trouble shooting to the "T." I have had to create another user account because all of your steps do not work.


      So for this stupid mistake that is costing me more than a years worth of CC. I submit that you give those of us you've royally screwed over at a minimum 1 years worth of Adobe CC credit to our membership. You have successfully ruined two entire work days with me trying to fix this nonsense and getting no where. Now I'm on a new profile trying to setup my plugins, watermarks, catalog .. you name it.


      I have been a member for a long time, an Adobe user for years and this is absolutely the pits. I will be calling to complain, but I'm pushing this post out because it is only fair that other members who are wasting their time trying to overcome something you've caused, resulting in wasted precious time that is NEEDED to satisfy our timelines which satisfy our clients timelines. There is no excuse for this, absolutely ZERO.