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    Button State

      I want my buttons to have the the state of "over" whenever it is on the particular page that it has been linked to. You know when a page has been reached, the button for that page could be a different color or at the "over" state of the button until that page has been left....Anyone have any help for this or even gets my weak explanation?
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          michael novia Level 1
          You will want to use movieclips for buttons instead of 'buttons' in flash. from there, if your at your page 'info', then you could do something along the lines of

          (20 being the 'over state' or what ever frame it turns out to be)
          when you leave that page, you need to make sure you set the frames back the there normal state.

          it will be alot of spaghetti code but it will work.
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            wish7 Level 1
            Okay. This has me working and thinking so thanks for your input. I may be able to figure this out, but let me tell you what I am dealing with.

            The base movie is called home.swf. When I click any of the buttons (for example: intro_mc) within an embedded movie clip called navbar_mc, they load an external .swf movie into level 1. How do i get that loaded movie to talk back to the button whose path (I believe) is _root [or home] .navbar_mc.intro_mc.goToAndStop("over); I think this would be the path...or I am probably just wrong, wrong, wrong.

            This is the movie clip button that I have set up as a button to do the movie load. Which by the way works fine. Thanks for that info. I may be able to figure this out, but any help would be greatly appreciated!