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    Mounting a volume named 'Users' to MAC creates issues


      Hi All,


      If we mount a shared location with name "Users" to a MAC machine, we will not be able to get the User folder details.

      Extendscript is not able to locate the  SystemPath.USER_DATA.


      Here is the code snippet.

      //In HTML5 page we are getting the user data folder path

      var extensionRoot = csInterface.getSystemPath(SystemPath.USER_DATA);

      var Login = extensionRoot + "/CONFIG/Login.txt";



      // and passing it to the extendscript function, for reading some files in that location.

      //.jsx code



           var loginFile = new File(Login);        

              if (loginFile.exists)






                   //if we mount a volume name with USERS then control will always come here

                  alert("ERROR | Cannot access Login details from "+Login);




      Is there any solution to avoid this issue?

      Please advise.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Anoop NR