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    Need help with instances


      How do you switch between instances and make the stay on the stage. I have been trying to lip sync an animation just like in this vide  Animating a head in Adobe Flash (Lip Syncing) - YouTube . And also do you need keyframe caddy to do this.

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          As I understand it, keyframe caddy makes it quicker for you to see which frame in a Graphic is going to be used. You should be able to create any animation without needing keyframe caddy, it might just take longer.


          A common way to do lip sync is to have each variation of the mouth as frames in a Graphic symbol, which would be set to show a single frame. Then in the timeline you have a key frame each time the mouth needs to change, and in Properties you would set the Graphic to show the appropriate frame.


          You would need a different Graphic symbol for each type of facial expression, but if you have set up the frames of those graphics to have the mouth positions be the same, you can then select the current graphic at a keyframe frame, and in Properties you can use the Swap button to swap it to the other expression.