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    Unable to run update on Lightroom 6 / Win10


      I've been happily running Lightroom 6 on a Windows 7 PC, but have just bought a new PC running 64-bit Windows 10. I've installed the original version of Lightroom 6 (version 6.0) and it's running fine, but I can't upgrade it to the latest version. When I select "Help / Updates" I get an update screen telling me that updates are available for Adobe Application Manager and Lightroom 6. I click "OK". Adobe Application Manager then downloads, I get a message saying "Adobe Application Manager is being updated", and then nothing. If I manually select "Adobe Application Manager" from the Windows "Start" menu nothing appears on the screen. If I reboot my PC and then run the update again, exactly the same thing: AAM downloads, says it's updating, and then does nothing. Running Windows task manager I see that two processes, "Adobe Application Manager (32bit)" and "Adobe Application Manager (Update Installer Sub System) (32 bit)" are running, but nothing is happening.


      Any help with successfully running the upgrade would be very much appreciated!